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Up & Coming Flutist is a 6-week virtual course for high school flutists (and recently graduated eighth graders!)


Do you ever wish you had more confidence in band class or auditions?

Do you want to step up your playing? Brush up on the basics? Or learn the "advanced" skills it seems like everyone else already knows (did someone say double tonguing)?


Why should you consider the Up & Coming Flutist program?

The flute can be a tricky instrument to learn, and high school flutists can often find themselves lacking the skills they need to feel confident in their flute section and band program. Whether you’ve found yourself feeling behind in class or if you just want to brush up on all things flute to get a leg up this year – this program is for you. Having an experienced teacher walk you through ironing out the basics you need to thrive in your ensembles this year AND provide you bonus skills like double tonguing and gorgeous vibrato will give you the chance to shine in band class instead of hiding behind your stand.

By participating in the Up & Coming Flutist, you will…

  • Iron out the basics that may have passed you by in middle school (or that just need dusting off)

  • Meet other high school or pre-high school fluteys who are eager to learn (you don’t have to go this alone!)

  • Learn how to practice all the skills you’ll need to thrive in your flute section this year (we all know that practice is key)

  • Get access to bonus skills like double tonguing, singing and playing, and unlocking your best vibrato (there are ways to learn these things easily)

  • Gain confidence in your flute skills (I’ll teach you my signature Wonder Woman pose)

  • Perform a mock playing test so you’re ready to shine in band class (it’s better to be nervous in front of friends first before band class)

About Your Teacher

Hey there, I'm Shelby. I hope you'll join me in the next few weeks to take your playing to the next level. Whether you want to learn a new skill or find the confidence to thrive this year in band class, this course is for you. We'll dive into improving the basics and learning to play joyfully and confidently. 

I've been teaching beginner and advanced flutists for several years and have worked with some of the best flutists around to bring you everything you need to play confidently. Most recently I've taught beginner flute workshops at Morehead State University and local band programs, taught sectional masterclasses, and served as the music teacher at St Rita Catholic School. All of my experiences with little ones through pre-college flutists allows me to help aspiring flutists like you reach their goals.


What's included? 

  • 6 Live Zoom Group Classes 

  • 1 Bonus Class with Guest Teacher Patricia Anselmo

  • 1 Hour-Long Private Lesson (or your choice of lessons - see package options)

  • Handouts & Freebies (sent to you every week!)

  • Access to Up & Coming Flutist Facebook Group

  • Getting to know other flutists just like you!


What's the schedule?

Week 1

Meet fellow fluteys and dust off those scales!

Get to know some fellow flute players, check out a healthy posture and set up, and dust off those major scales! We’ll check in on what you already know and set some goals for the coming weeks!


Week 2

What’s the fingering again?

We’ll revisit some pesky fingerings, iron out some trills, and I’ll even give you the cheat sheets I use with my own students!


Week 3

Articulation hacks -- featuring guest teacher Patricia Anselmo

Everything you need to know so you can stop googling “how to tongue on the flute” (we’ve all been there!) We’ll take a peek into double tonguing so you can shine this year. 


Week 4

Tone refresher – “Why am I so airy?!”

Get ready for my tone tips and all the juicy info on how to make a CLEAR tone on the flute (and how to practice on your own!) We’ll also check out how to practice vibrato and how to create vibrato for the first time.


Week 5

“I don’t feel like practicing”

Don’t feel like picking up the flute lately? We’ll check out how I bring joy into practicing and HOW to practice efficiently.


Week 6

Confidence during playing tests

I’ll give you my proven method for playing CONFIDENTLY during playing tests, auditions, and in front of any human (eek). We’ll see how far you’ve come in mock playing tests!

Busy schedule? 

No problem!

All of our live Zoom classes are recorded and available to watch later.

Patricia Headshot.jpg

Did Someone Say Bonuses?

When you register for the Up & Coming Flutist Course, you'll get access to a bonus class with guest teacher Patricia Anselmo! 

Patricia Anselmo recently graduated with her Masters Degree in flute performance at Mason Gross School of the Arts, under the instruction of Mr. Bart Feller. Patricia has been teaching since 2017 as a private flute instructor. Currently, Patti teaches private flute lessons in the Northern (Morris County) and Edison New Jersey areas. ​

Ready to get started? Here are your options:

  • 6 Live Zoom Group Classes 

  • Bonus Class with Guest Teacher Patricia Anselmo

  • 1 Hour-Long Private Lesson 

  • Handouts & Freebies (sent to you every week!)

  • Access to Up & Coming Flutist Facebook Group


$250 + $35/Lesson

  • 6 Live Zoom Group Classes 

  • Your Choice of Up to 6 Private Lessons (30-minutes each)

  • Handouts & Freebies (sent to you every week!)

  • Access to Up & Coming Flutist Facebook Group

  • A Personalized Practice Plan 

  • 3 Group Classes of Your Choosing

  • Handouts & Freebies (sent to you every week!)

  • Access to Up & Coming Flutist Facebook Group




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Applications due by August 20th

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