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You’re a brand new beginner or experienced player and you’ve got SO MANY questions about how to work through performance anxiety, kill it in auditions, set goals for yourself (that you can totally reach), play the flute confidently and LOVE doing it. 


Do you just need a flute guru to GUIDE you to success? 


You’re in just the right place, friend!

That’s where I come in. 


I’m Shelby, and I LOVE working with eager young flutists who are ready to achieve ALL of their flutey goals with the help of a cheerleader and experienced flute player. I give my students the tools to practice with joy and intention, while sprinkling in a challenge when it’s needed. My students knock their goals out of the park (big and small) without feeling the weight of perfectionism and comparison to other players (we’ve all been there). 


I know what it’s like to 

  • Lack confidence (especially in front of other humans)

  • Feel the pressure of always needing to “look good” (chair placement anyone?)

  • Not get into that coveted ensemble or honor band

  • Hate practicing the flute (it's a crazy love/hate relationship, right?)

  • Want to take lessons, but don’t know how to even begin


You can use all my tips and tricks to feel at your best every time there’s a flute in your hand, without all the anxiety and stress it takes to get there. I’m here to take you from a perfectionist who is SUPER afraid to fail into a total boss who can grow on their own terms. My students leave lessons feeling and sounding confident and joyful and are on their own unique plan as growing flutists - and that’s totally fine! When you throw out the weight of being perfect and impressive all the time (who has time for that anyway?) THAT’S when you’ll really take off (aka you’ll rock that audition). 

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After several years of teaching flutists in private lessons, sectionals, and workshops, and studying and performing with some fabulous flute players, I’ve noticed that the moment students take control and become the boss (and stop trying to please others), THAT’S the moment they reach success: i.e. get into all state and honor bands, get a distinguished rating at solo/ensemble, finally get that higher chair placement, etc. They just need an experienced player to unlock the confidence they need, combined with the nitty gritty: great tone, technique, vibrato, phrasing, and more. 


I have played in masterclasses with some of the BEST flutists around, been a finalist in competitions, taught flute workshops, and perform with some lovely ensembles - and I can’t wait to share everything I’ve learned about playing freely and confidently with YOU. To read my fancy flute bio & creds, keep on scrolling.

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Louisville flute lessons

Sarah, Middle School Student

I took flute lessons with Shelby for two years. She helped me grow and become a better flute player. I was not very confident in my playing abilities, but one on one instruction with Shelby made such a difference. I am now first chair in band and section leader. Part of that success is a direct result of private lessons with Shelby.

Louisville flute lessons

Olivia, High School Student

Shelby was my first flute teacher. For three years (the majority of my high school career) we had one hour lessons every week and I could see how much teaching and playing the flute really meant to my teacher. She always helped me and encouraged me. We would have a laugh but were always able to focus and work hard. She made learning fun and made me love the flute even more. Shelby really helped me prepare for college music. Every week she would assign work that pushed me. Not only did she help me grow as a flute player and love music but she helped me grow as a person. 

Louisville flute lessons

Riley, High School Student

In my time taking lessons with Shelby, I was able to learn a lot from someone who had so much experience already. I became more patient and confident playing my flute and learned more with her than with anyone else up to that point.