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Hey flute players & parents! 

Are you looking for a patient teacher to get your little one started on the flute?

Are you ready to improve your playing and confidence?

Want to study the flute and have fun doing it?




One on one flute lessons, tailored to what YOU or your child needs

  • 45 or 60 minute lessons

  • In-person lessons - I'll come to you, or take lessons in my at home studio in Broomfield

  • Zoom lessons for out of area students

  • All of my tips and tricks for auditions, playing tests, practicing, and more.

Lessons are available to: 

  • Brand new beginners, ages 5 and up (elementary age students are encouraged to get started as soon as possible!)

  • Middle school students who participate in a band/orchestra program 

  • High schoolers working to improve their playing

  • High schoolers preparing to audition for college music programs 

  • Homeschoolers looking for a fun activity to supplement learning (with or without band program participation)

Introducing Broomfield Studio Lessons, weekly one on one instruction in-person or online, so you can achieve your goals - from acing that playing test to majoring in music in college. No matter the goal, we'll have so much fun getting there.


  • Improve your tone, technique, breathing, and articulation so you can sound stunning 

  • Set clear goals and work hard to meet them (I'll be there to help you along the way!)

  • Gain audition and performance skills so you can play with confidence (and say goodbye to losing sleep over a playing test)

  • Learn all of my practicing tips and tricks to finally enjoy practicing (you'll actually WANT to take out your flute every day!)

  • Say goodbye to perfectionism and comparison so you can become your best flutey self 

  • Perform (and have tons of fun) in studio recitals and community events with other flute players who are just like you

  • Participate in studio workshops and mock auditions

  • Hang out at studio events that are just for fun -- no fluting necessary (yep! We'll get together just to stay connected and have some fun)

  • Play games in lessons and dance it out whenever needed (sometimes you just have to get out of your head, am I right?)

  • Get access to my annual summer program offerings


Meet with me during your free trial lesson and play ANYTHING you'd like -- whether it's a Mozart concerto or "Let It Go," I can't wait to listen!


If your child is a brand new beginner (age 5 and up), we'll get started on the basics in their very first lesson.


We'll talk about what YOU feel great (and not so great) about when it comes to flute playing. Together, we'll brainstorm some short term goals and plan how to get there.

Brand new students (especially the littles) will get all the info they need on how to work towards making a sound independently. 


Using your new practice routine and all my tips and tricks, you will:

Shine in band class

Audition confidently

Knock out your goals (big and small)

Or, start your flute journey off right! 




My daughter is taking one on one classes right now. Every Sunday morning she can’t wait to join the class. Ms. Shelby is so nice and patient for the beginner and my daughter is getting more confident in her playing.

—  Sheila, Online Studio Parent


The moment students enter my studio, they're on track to becoming confident, joyful flutists with a life-long love of flute playing. I'm here to guide my students to whatever success means to them -- and push them when they need it. My studio is a safe place where mistakes are welcome and students don't have to carry the weight of perfectionism (who needs it anyway?) 

Private lessons in my studio allow my students to achieve their goals quickly and joyfully with the guidance of an experienced flutist and teacher. I've worked with incredible teachers and students alike and have fine tuned my teaching to meet students right where they are, while giving them all of the tips and tricks I've learned along the way. 

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I believe everyone is capable of greatness on their own terms. Real success happens when perfectionism and comparison are thrown out the window. When mistakes and failure are welcomed into the room, we are able to become our best selves – as flutists and as people. My role as a teacher is to encourage my students to define success for themselves in a way that is unique to them – even if that looks different than the people around them.


As a young competitive flutist, I wasn’t given the guidance to experience achievement AND failure together, in a healthy way. I used to be a competitive student OBSESSED with winning. And then I grew up and became a competitive TEACHER who still needed to win and see her students win. I taught they way I had been taught and pushed the nitty gritty over all else – great technique, HOURS in a practice room, and victory (winning a competition, getting first chair, etc). While these are all great goals to have, I realized that the moment we stop putting the weight of the world on ourselves and just play the flute from a place of joy, THAT’S WHEN WE START WINNING. Does kicking butt at the flute take a lot of work? Sure! Do we have to be perfect to be a great flute player? No way.


Today, I offer my students the chance to celebrate every experience along the way – not just the ones that look pretty on paper. My teaching technique draws on my experience as a performer, flute lesson teacher, and elementary music classroom teacher. Whether I’m teaching little ones or prepping high schoolers for college auditions, my goal is to meet students right where they are and guide them toward their goals without allowing perfectionism and comparison to creep in.


Without the internal chatter of what they should do, students are able to achieve big and small goals on their own terms with the guidance of someone who has really been there themselves. By working with each student one on one, I am able to help them learn how to practice efficiently and joyfully, choose short-term and long-term goals that fit their needs, and hold students accountable for their growth. Each lesson in my studio includes elements of fundamental skills, various repertoire, and self-evaluation by the student.


In my studio, students

  • perform (and have tons of fun) in studio recitals and community events with other flute players who are just like them

  • participate in studio workshops and mock auditions

  • hang out at studio events that are just for fun -- no fluting necessary (yep! we'll get together just to stay connected and have some fun)

  • and so much more. 


I expect students to come to lessons with a positive attitude and an eagerness to learn and change. My studio is a place for students to grow on their own terms while being held accountable by an experienced player. I’ve created a space where mistakes are welcome and failure is a part of the journey. I’ll be there to celebrate milestones with just as much enthusiasm as reflecting on pitfalls throughout my students’ flute experience. Perfectionism, comparison, and judgement are left outside and students have the room to approach the flute with joy and confidence.


45-minute weekly lessons​


60-minute weekly lessons



"What payment options are available?"

You will receive a monthly invoice at the beginning of the month. Payment is available via cash, check, credit, debit, or bank transfer. 

"Can we take bi-weekly lessons instead of weekly?"

Bi-weekly lessons may be available upon request in the event that another student is also interested or currently taking bi-weekly lessons (you will alternate with that student every other week). Bi-weekly lessons are generally not recommended, since you or your child will have less instructional time and consistency. 

"Flute lessons are expensive! How can I get the most bang for my buck?"

The best way for you or your student to experience growth is to take lessons as frequently as possible. If you'd like to spend less per month, weekly 30 minute lessons may be a good place to start. 

"Are makeup lessons available if I have to cancel?​"

If lessons are cancelled 24-hours in advance, students will have the option to makeup their lesson on a make-up day later in the semester (see studio calendar) a maximum of 2 times per semester. Life happens and my students are typically able to schedule a makeup lesson as needed.

​"What should I (or my student) bring to their first lesson?"

You'll receive an email and text reminders prior to your first lesson. A good starting place is to bring your flute, any music you are currently working on, a pencil, a notebook, and a tuner. 

Do you have additional questions?